SRINAGAR: In an unexpected turn of events, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has chosen to further extend the deadline for offering domicile certificates to individuals who, along with their forebears, relocated from the former state many years ago.

This announcement comes as a surprise considering that in 2021, the government had explicitly stated that no more extensions would be granted. However, defying its earlier stance, the J&K Government’s Department of Disaster Management, Relief, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction has now issued an order on Thursday for the fourth time, pronouncing another extension.

The order, which pertains to the registration of bonafide migrants or displaced persons for the purpose of obtaining Domicile Certificates, states, “It is hereby ordered that the validity of Government Order No. 52-JK (DMRRR) of 2020, dated 16.05.2020, which was previously extended by Government Order No. 44-JK (DMRRR) of 2021, dated 22.06.2021, and Government Order No. 30-JK (DMRRR) of 2022, dated 10.06.2022, is hereby further extended for an additional year, until 15.05.2024.”


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