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Jammu and Kashmir Bank convened District Level Review Committee (DLRC) meeting of Bandipora at District Development Commissioner’s Office to review achievements under Annual District Credit Plan 2012-13 for the quarter ended December 2012.

DDC Bandipora chaired the meeting organised by the Lead Bank Office.

Lead District Manager, Bandipora, informed the house that 60 per cent of the targets under priority sector of District Credit Plan 2012-13 have been achieved during the quarter.

He informed that house that during the quarter under review, the financial institutions have provided credit of Rs 70.73 Crores to 4123 income generating units under Priority sector and Rs. 18.09 Crores to 953 beneficiaries under Non-Priority sector for development of the area and eradication of poverty and unemployment. Small enterprises got Rs 37.62 Cr while as services sector received Rs 7.33 Cr.

He further informed the house that under agriculture sector J&K Bank alone disbursed Rs 21.75 Cr which is 84 per cent of the total credit to the sector i.e. Rs 25.78 Cr.

The Banks also issued more than 11500 KCCs during the quarter, he added.

The house was also informed that J&K Bank disbursed an amount of Rs 57.36 Cr against the target of Rs 45.89 Cr thus achieving 124.99 per cent of targets.

During the quarter, SBI disbursed Rs 4.56 Cr against Rs 13.25 Cr achieving 34.42per cent of its total target. PNB disbursed an amount of Rs 0.81 Cr against the target of Rs 8.96 Cr achieving only 9.04 per cent of targets which is not encouraging.

J&K Grameen Bank disbursed an amount of Rs 5.95 Cr against the target of Rs 35.75Cr achieving 16.64 per cent of the target. BCCB disbursed an amount of Rs 2.05Cr against their target of Rs 13.54Cr achieving only 15.14 per centa.

Chairman DLRC advised all the banks and the sponsoring agencies to work with cooperation, coordination and cohesion to achieve the goals and targets of development, progress and eradication of unemployment.

He also directed various Agencies to conduct awareness programmes at village level, block level and district level to generate awareness among the people.

The meeting was also attended by the Bank’s Vice President, Zone (North) Mohammad Sultan Kaboo, who stressed upon the hassle free sanctioning of all the government sponsored schemes especially KCC. Cluster Head II J&K Bank,

Coordinator BCC Bank, Area Manager JK Grameen Bank and representatives from RBI and NABARD also attended the meeting.


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