JK Bank Launches Customer- Connect Initiative At Jammu


The Chairman and CEO J&K Bank on Sunday launched the Bank’s Customer Connect Initiative at Jammu by visiting the top industrial clients of the Bank in the state along with the Senior Management team of the Bank. Under the initiative Chairman & CEO J&K Bank, today visited the leading industrialists M/S Saraswati Agro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Bari Brahmana, M/SDevans Modern Breweries Limited Samba and M/S Sarveshwar Overseas Bari Brahmana along with the Bank’s Executive President R K Chhiber, President Arun Gandotra, Vice Presidents Sudhir Gupta, Narjay Gupta, a team of Cluster and Branch Heads of the Bank, said the spokesman.

The bank spokesman in a statement quoted the Chairman Parvez Ahmed as having said, “Ever since I took over the Bank as Chairman and CEO we have shifted our strategic focus for expansion of banking services for socio-economic development of the state.

“The Bank is proactively directing the credit within the state as it makes economic sense to shift the focus of our business to the J&K state to start a benefit cycle of investing the savings of the state for development of the state GDP,” said the Chairman.

“In the last two years, the bank has disbursed a total credit of over Rs 12000 Cr and has identified another 11000 Cr of potential sectors for credit deployment in consultation with M/S Delloitte. Our approach is that we not only grow but also enable our constituent customers to grow by facilitating their growth through a multi-faceted handholding approach. Now in order to have firsthand information about the various issues of our constituent customers we have launched this customer connect initiative in the state,” said bank Chairman in a statement.

The Chairman added, “This is an initiative to manage and resolve the cross-functional, end-to-end nature of customer needs rather than deferring to existing organizational structures. We are going to make it a regular feature of our functioning and the same shall percolate at the micro level to our branches across the geography to improve the quality of customer experience with the Bank. Though there are multiple communication channels available to customers which provide an opportunity to address questions, complaints or compliments yet to address the multi-dimensional issues of the customer top management cross-functional team  shall be undertaking such visits regularly.”

During the visit to the shop floors of all the three industrial units, the Chairman took a keen interest in the processes and technology being used by the industrial units. Subsequently, he held interactive sessions with the key management personnel of the units to understand the bottlenecks and interventions required at the bank level.

“The promoters and the management of the industrial units unanimously appreciated the services of the Bank and acknowledged the pivotal role played by the Bank in handholding industrial community of the state in challenging times and offering products as per sector requirements,” said the spokesman in a statement.

“They remarked that the current leadership of the bank has taken the experience of the customers to a new level by taking a keen interest in the not only resolution of their issues but also pitching in with strategic suggestions on the basis of his experience in Business Development & Corporate Governance,” he said.

“They further added that the outreach of the Chairman and profound insights provided by him in improving the functioning will go a long way in enhancing the relationship value and brand loyalty for them,” he added.

The Chairman and the promoters of these large industrial units hailed the industry-friendly measures of the state government which shall retain the existing industry besides attracting more industrial units to the state.


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