Panthers Party surprised over ECI decision of not holding assembly polls in J&K


Several Senior leaders of the Panthers Party expressed surprise and shock on the “un-mindful” decision of the Election Commission of India to hold Lok Sabha election without state Assembly which has been dissolved by the Governor, said the party spokesman in a statement.

JKNPP leaders

The spokesman said that Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party shared surprise and the unexpected, undesirable and un-ethical decision of the CEC to hold Lok Sabha election in J&K but keep state Assembly elections in the dustbin of the rulers.

The NPP Supremo expressed surprise and said that the Delhi has played this political fraud with the electorates of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh who have been without an elected government for more than eight months.

He said that this has exposed the double standards of the BJP government at the centre and urged the President of Indian for his urgent intervention as he is the only appropriate authority in law under Article 370 who is responsible for the welfare and administration of the state in the absence of an elected government.

The spokesman quoted the NPP Supremo as having said that BJP government has deliberately deprived the people of Jammu and Kashmir of their constitutional rights and demanded that assembly election should also have been held with Parliament election.

He also held all earlier central government guilty of suppressing the people of Jammu and Kashmir by depriving them the privileges provided in the fundamental rights.

“There was no delimitation, no reorganization and no rotation of reserved seats for the past 25 years and demanded immediate reorganization and delimitation followed by fresh elections,” he said.

“The NPP leadership disagreed with the arbitrary decision of the Election Commission of India avoiding state Assembly election. The NPP leadership also disagreed with the decision of CEC to appoint so-called three Observers (As Advisors) which did not include any Observer from Jammu or Ladakh. NPP described the whole game as a last political stunt of Modi government,” said the party spokesman in a statement.


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