JK Contractors seek whitepaper on funds spent in last 5 years

KL Report


Jammu and Kashmir Contractors Central Coordination Committee (JKCCCC) Saturday hailed government’s decision to publish white paper on health of the state’s economy.

JKCCCC said it was long pending demand of the contractors that a white paper should be published on the state’s funds allocation on different schemes for three regions of the state.

Farooq Ahmad Dar, JKCCCC General Secretary, said government has made a good decision to publish white paper about state’s economic growth and funds’ allocation.

“For last three years, we have been demanding that a white paper highlighting funds allocation and expenditure for various schemes should be made public. Though the move has come later but it is still a welcome decision which will clear doubts among people about funds allocation and expenditure,” said Dar.

JKCCCC, however, asked government to prepare a white paper about the funds allocation, expenditure and diversion of all the three regions of the state for past five years.

“Kashmir valley has not seen any development or any economic well being for many years. If this government is serious about working for the welfare of the business community and for the uplitftment of the state’s economy, it should clear the doubts of the people by showing the expenditure of every single penny for past five years,” said Dar.

Dar said successive governments have showing discrimination against Kashmir and preferred Jammu for development.

“Now government is preparing budget for the next financial year. It should keep state’s bad economic health into consideration while allocating funds. Government should come up with strong budget for Kashmir so that it’s economy is lifted,” said Dar.


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