JK RTI Movement Condemns Civilian Killing in Tral

KL Report


DR Sheikh Ghulam Rasool

The J&K RTI Movement Tuesday strongly condemned the killing of a civilian in Tral by army.

“The atrocious crime again reminds about draconian laws like AFSPA, which provides impunity to troopers serving in this militarized region,” said Dr Sheikh Ghulam Rasool, Chairman JK RTI Movement. “The atrocities and killing cannot be legitimized by the world’s ‘biggest democracy’ and cases can’t be put under the carpet by shielding its forces time and again.”

Kashmiris, Dr Rasool said, are never safe under these draconian laws.

“The entire population of Kashmir region has been living under a constant terror of these laws for the past 25 years,” he said. “It is irresponsible and unjustified that after killing civilians, army has been branding them as terrorists.”

“Nothing can justify this barbarism and everyone should condemn it in the strongest terms,” Dr Rasool continued.

It is the worst state of affairs, he said, that after each and every brutal and inhuman killing of innocents, the state has been ordering probes and inquiries yielding no results and bringing not a single culprit to the justice.

“Ordering a probe in Kashmir is futile exercise and meant to shield the culprits,” he said. “The need of the hour is to revoke AFSPA and other inhuman laws from J&K as soon as possible so that no human loss takes place in future.”

India, he said, needs to be serious about the revocation of AFSPA now. “JK RTI Movement expresses solidarity with the bereaved family and the nation in this hour of grief.”


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