JKLF Calls for Shutdown on December 10

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Accusing government of using new tactics of death penalty and life imprisonment to curb the freedom movement, chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik on Monday urged people to observe complete shut down on December 10, which is marked as World Human Rights day, against the court verdict of life imprisonment to two JKLF leaders, Sheikh Nazir Ahmad and Showkat Ahmad Khan. Besides strike, Malik also announced for a day long hunger strike as a mark of protest, on the same day.

Chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik addressing press conference in Srinagar

Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, Malik besides shutdown also called for a protest march on Friday, December 7, and warned government of intense protests if the trend goes on.

“We will intense protests if this trend of suppression continues and will also go on hunger strike on December 10,” Malik told media.

Lamenting the verdict, Malik said that Sheikh Nazir has already been in jail from last 15 years.  And added, “where in the world, the case is kept lingering on for 23 years and then a decision arrives of life imprisonment.”

Sensing conspiracy, Malik said that from last two years the decision of death penalties and life imprisonment coming more often depicts something.

Reminding civil society of India and other world forums of their promise, Malik said, “they inclined us for peaceful means of struggle which Kashmiris resorted to and you know in 2008, but now leave aside solution, we are being targeted by using judiciary.”

Malik urged civil society of India to break their silence and held the government responsible for their doings, “if civil society does not intervene, Kashmiris would feel that they are equal part of the machinery suppressing this nation.”

Warning India of early 1990 situation, Malik said that if this aggression is not stopped, the situation of 1990 can not be evaded, and which would be detrimental.


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