JKLF chief Malik visits pellet victim Hiba at SMHS hospital


Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Thursday visited 19-month-old pellet victim Hiba Nisar SMHS Hospital, where she was operated by a team of doctors.

JKLF chief Malik visits pellet victim Hiba Nisar at SMHS hospital.

“Ailing JKLF chairman, who was released from police custody only yesterday, today visited Mujgund where seven residential houses were damaged and left dozens of poor and destitute families roofless and forced them to live under the open sky in harsh cold months of December,” said JKLF spokesman in a statement.

JKLF chairman met with these devastated families and expressed solidarity with them. “After meeting these families JKLF chairman went to SMHS hospital where 19-month-old baby Hiba Jaan who became the youngest victim is under treatment and has been operated upon recently,” the spokesman said.

“JKLF chairman saw her and her worried parents and expressed solidarity with them. JKLF chairman stayed at the hospital for some time with the family and talked to doctors treating little Hibba Jaan,” he said.

According to a spokesman, while talking to the victims at Muj-Gund, JKLF chairman said that Kashmir is burning and Kashmiris are being brutalized by “Indian aggression” with impunity.

“JKLF chairman said that the carnage at Mujgund in which more than half a dozen residential houses have been raised to ground by forces and dozens of families have been left roof-less in these coldest days and nights is actually a minuscule example of Indian aggression in Kashmir which is killing, maiming, destroying and oppressing Kashmiris at will,” said spokesman.

“JKLF chairman said that all this aggression is continuing in the name of operation all out and the only aim of this state-sponsored terrorism is to punish Kashmiris for their exemplary resistance and resilience,” he added.

JKLF Chief Yasin Malik talking to devastated families at Mujgund where seven residential houses were damaged during an encounter.

The spokesman quoted Malik as having said while talking to the parents of 19 month old baby Hibba Jaan at SMHS hospital that pellets are worldwide used to hunt animals but in Kashmir this weapon is being used to kill and blind humans and ironical part of this is that no one in the international community is taking a note of this inhumanness by India.

Yasin Malik said that baby Hiba Jan was not carrying any gun or stone and she was fired upon and deprived of her eyesight in the lap of her parents.

“He said that those who boast about being democrats and peace lovers on daily basis should answer a question that why was the eyesight of 19-month-old baby Hibba Jan snatched by pellets, what was her crime and have those who deprived her of eyesight ever been penalized?” he added.

The spokesman quoted JKLF chairman as having said,“Indian leaders and their deployed authorities in Jammu Kashmir have unleashed and expedited this reign of terror and massacres in a bid to defeat Kashmiri resistance but they fail to realize that if defeating or intimidating a nation that has resolved to achieve freedom and right to self-determination would have been possible then many nations including India would not have been sovereign countries today.”

“He said that India and its viceroy in the form of Governor, should wake up from their daydreaming and realize that sooner or later India will have to acknowledge the aspirations of the people of Jammu Kashmir, bow before a people’s resistance and accept the right of self-determination of the people of Jammu Kashmir as it is also in the in the interest of their own nations and people,” the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik has expressed his deep grief and sorrow over the demise of mother of editor in chief Kashmir reader Haji Hayat Muhammad Butt who breathed her last today.

Malik while expressing solidarity with the bereaved family prayed for the heavenly abode of the deceased mother.

JKLF chairman also visited the bereaved family of Incarcerated resistance leader Farooq Ahmad Dar @ Bitta-karatay and expressed condolences to them at the demise of his mother. Yasin sahib prayed for the heavenly abode of the departed soul and also for the Sabr-I-Jamil to his bereaved family,” said JKLF spokesman in a statement.


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