JKLF Reacts To Prof Bhat’s Lame Horse Remark, Advises Him Against Attacking Unity

Mirwaiz-Geelani-MalikKL NEWS NETWORK


Without naming Prof Abdul Gani Bhat, the JKLF on Sunday said resistance leaders and organizations should refrain from all such acts and statements that may prove detrimental to the camps “unity and oneness”.

After “reviewing the recent statements of some resistance”, the party spokesman said that during the struggles against tyranny and oppression, “unity and oneness are important weapons”.

“Our resistance and freedom struggle is actively going on with exemplary unity and oneness and it may not be wrong to say that this unity is the vital success and net gain we as a nation have achieved so-far,” the spokesman said. The unity, he said, has made “India and its allies in J&K extremely restless” and they are trying their every best “to break this unity and create division among the resistance camp and leadership”.

In this backdrop, the statement said, separatist leaders should exhibit “responsibility”, remain “vigilant and careful” while undertaking politics or issuing statements. “We all will have to see that our statements or political acts should not have any negative impact or effect on our sacred struggle and we knowingly or unknowingly should not help the cause of our enemies,” the JKLF statement said.

Prof-Abdul-Gani-Bhat“While issuing statements and criticizing fellow brothers or shifting blame on others, leaders issuing these statements should introspect about their own past and present and should also show some high-mindedness about the future,” the statement said. “Terming the statement that freedom struggle was the ride of some lame people riding a blind horse as incorrect”, the JKLF statement said it is “a sacred movement”. During long resistance, the statement said, mistakes are inevitable but “correcting these is our collective responsibility.”

During his speech at the formal launch of his autobiography, Prof Bhat had said Kashmir has only “leaders and not people”.

“Our leaders are like a blind rider on a lame horse. Horse cannot run and they also don’t know where to take it,” Prof Bhat told the gathering. “Our strategy is like jumping into a river.  But before doing so, we don’t even pause to think how to cross it”. His statement is considered to be the first formal attack on the separatist triumvirate – Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik, who are jointly spearheading the ongoing unrest which is now in the fifth month.


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