JKLF to organize a protest rally, sit-in after Friday prayers in Lal Chowk

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“Closing down the UN observer’s office in Delhi is actually a glaring example of growing arrogance and fascism in the behaviour and attitude of India rulers. History bears a witness to the fact that when nations and leaders suffer from such arrogance, the time of their destruction is closer. Israeli bombardment of innocent Palestinians is a direct result of international community’s criminal negligence. JKLF under the banner of “quit Kashmir” movement will organize a protest rally and sit in at Lal Chowk tomorrow on 11th July 2014, Friday and protest against the growing Indian and Israeli aggression,” this was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik in a statement issued to KNS.

Malik while commenting upon the orders of Indian government to close down the UN observer’s office in Delhi said that it seems that Indian leaders and state is getting deeper and deeper into the trench of arrogance and pomposity and are fast losing their wisdom and humanity. “History tells us about many nations and civilizations that messed up with such arrogance and we see that their arrogance and pomposity led them to destruction and disaster. Roman Empire, British Empire, USSR, Yugoslavia is few examples of this and from Hitler of Germany to Mussolini the story has been the same. All these nations, leaders and civilizations were ruined because of their arrogant behaviour and pomposity. Yasin Malik said that today India is trying to close down the office of UN observers group which was not established here but at the behest of Indian government in late 40’s. It was India that went to UN for intervention in Jammu Kashmir and pledged to provide the people of Jammu Kashmir a chance to decide their future.”

He said: “Indian leaders repeated their pledges in their own parliament and at Lal Chowk Srinagar but today when Kashmiri’s ask for this democratic right, they are being killed, jailed, humiliated and oppressed by Indian state. Yasin Malik said that UN observers’ mission offices in Delhi, Islamabad and Srinagar are important because these offices remind all that Kashmir needs a peaceful settlement.”

Terming the decision of India to close down UN office in Delhi as childish arrogance, Malik said that these offices are responsible for keeping this region away from war’s and any tactic to close down these offices will bring nothing but disaster and distress to the whole region and jeopardize the already volatile peace and prosperity of sub- continent. Yasin Malik said that Indian rulers seem to be in a hurry to remove all the symbols related with the Kashmir issue and are also trying to attack the Muslim identity of Indian Muslims by abolishing Muslim personal law and other things related to the Muslims. These arrogant and undemocratic behaviour and acts are evidence of India heading towards a volatile and disastrous situation, said Malik.

He announced that JKLF will organize a protest rally and sit-in at Lal Chowk against the Indian decision of closing down UN office in Delhi and acts of state terrorism by Israel in Palestine. This protest rally and sit in will be held tomorrow on 11th July 2014, under the banner of “quit Kashmir” movement after Friday prayers.

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