JKP on Palestine: Do Not ‘Leverage The Unfortunate Situation’

SRINAGAR: In an interesting twist in Kashmir developments linked to the happenings in Palestine, Jammu and Kashmir has issued a series of tweets. It has said that it will not permit “cynical encashment” of public anger. It issued a statement attributing the same to Kashmir Police Chief.

Vijay Kumar Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Kashmir, addressing a press conference in Srinagar on Thursday May 28, 2020. KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

“J&K Police is keeping a very close watch on elements who are attempting to leverage the unfortunate situation in Palestine to disturb public peace and order in the Kashmir valley. We are a professional force and are sensitive to public anguish,” the first tweet said.

“But J&K police has a legal responsibility to ensure law and order as well. It, however, wouldn’t allow cynical encashment of the public anger to trigger violence, lawlessness and disorder on Kashmir streets.”

Drones fire tear smoke shells on Palestinian protesters

It added further: “Expressing opinion is a freedom but engineering and inciting violence on streets is unlawful. All irresponsible social media comments that results in actual violence and breaking of law including Covid protocol will attract legal action. IGP Kashmir urges cooperation of all citizens.”

The statement came a day after the arrest of Sarjan Barkati, who in his Eid speech,m had mentioned Palestine. Reports suggest some fresh cases are also being initiated against individuals but there were no immediate conformations in hand.

In the last five days of the aerial raids, Isreal has killed more than 135 Palestinians including 32 children and 21 women. Medics have told the media that more than 950 are injured. Almost 10,000 people have been dislocated in the raids.


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