JKSSB cautions candidates against dubious activities of unscrupulous elements


The Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board (JKSSB) on Saturday cautioned the job aspirants against the activities of some unscrupulous elements who are deceiving the gullible candidates using various deceptive means.

“It has been reported by some candidates that these unscrupulous elements including some of the aspirants themselves are deceitfully flaunting their proximity with the Board authorities or being in touch with them and are dishing out misleading information regarding recruitments and policy matters of the Board telephonically and through Social Media,” said Suhail Malik, PRO, JKSSB in a statement.

In some cases, which have come to the notice of the Board, even fake contact details of the Board authorities have been created by these unscrupulous elements in their cellphones and are creating spoofing conversations to give an impression to the gullible candidates that they are regularly in touch with the Board authorities, he said and added that even screenshot of such a fake conversation had been generated yesterday and  posted in social media.

He further said the prospective candidates/job aspirants are cautioned not to fall prey to the designs of such unscrupulous elements who are trying to dupe the unsuspecting aspirants/candidates with misinformation, rumors or any false promises of securing them a job either through influence or by use of unfair or unethical means.

He said the Board has collected some cell phone numbers and handed over the same to the law enforcing agencies for further investigation to ascertain if these are being used by impersonators.

Malik said there is a transparent and institutionalized mechanism in place in JKSSB for making recruitments, purely on the basis of merit, and information/notices regarding the same are posted on the Board website from time-to-time. “The candidates should immediately get in touch with the Board offices if any such unscrupulous person approaches them in any matter pertaining to the Board,” he said and added that the Board tries its best to attend selection matters in a meticulous manner so that the selections do not run into litigations, which not only hamper the working of JKSSB but also adversely affects the interests of prospective candidates.


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