K-issue has political genesis not economic basis: Omar


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Reaffirming that economic development cannot resolve the basic political issues confronting Jammu and Kashmir, the Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Saturday said that the three wars fought by India and Pakistan, resorting to violence by youth, and different political voices reverberating the skies of Jammu and Kashmir are not for construction of roads, educational institutions, hospitals or other development concerns which his government is otherwise taking care of seriously and with a commitment.

He said this all happened and is happening for settlement of basic political issues of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that while he will continue to carry forward the development agenda with full spirit and enthusiasm to mitigate the difficulties of people, he would continue to bat for resolution of all the political issues concerning Jammu and Kashmir in an amicable and peaceful manner through the process of dialogue.

Addressing a public rally at Bandipora after inaugurating Rs 4.26 crore Kaloosa bridge over Madhumati Nallah and Rs 20 crore mini secretariat at Bandipora, the Chief Minister said that the resolution of political issues of Jammu and Kashmir is the need of hour and the channels of dialogue need to be kept operative so that peace and development go hand in hand and Jammu and Kashmir state will become a state of peace, prosperity, development and plenty.

Taking a big dig on People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for its utterances that the leaders of this party are not power hungry, the Chief Minister alleged, “Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is adopting politicking and deceitful tactics to create wedge between a brother and a sister (Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Khalida Shah) in 1983” he added “Mufti later on masterminded the desecration of temples in Bijbehara to grab power.” He also reminded the people “how Mufti Sayeed installed Jagmohan in 1999 as the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir and became his active partner in the bloodshed, violence, atrocities and killings of youth.”

“This he (Mufti Sayeed) did only to grab power and become Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir”, Omar said and told the people to confirm this from George Fernandes who was then the Central Minister.

Omar Abdullah said that when the politicians like the leadership of PDP say that they are not power hungry this should be considered a brazen lie told from the top of the voice. He also reminded the people of the unsuccessful attempts made by Mufti Sayeed to win over the support of National Conference MLAs during his tenure as Chief Minister from 2002 to 2005.

“Mufti tried his best to break National Conference to stay in power”, Omar said and added that Ghulam Nabi Azad is fully aware of the attempts made by Mufti Sayeed to break the National Conference and remain in power. Omar also referred to Sayeed’s “reluctance to hand over the power to Ghulam Nabi Azad in 2005 when he (Mufti) remained camped in New Delhi to beg for continuance in the chair.”

The Chief Minister said that his party and he want power to resolve the political and developmental issues of Jammu and Kashmir and wipe off tears from the eyes of destitute, poor and needy and help to develop Jammu and Kashmir as the model and modern state where peace, progress and prosperity will be ruling the roost.

The Chief Minister said that in order to create good governance, curb corruption and bring transparency, his government took path breaking and historic measures to empower people and bring administration and the government under full public scan. He referred to the legislations of Public Services Guarantee Act, Right to Information Act, Reconstitution of Accountability Commission and constitution of Vigilance Commission besides establishment of empowered Panchayat Raj in the state to make people masters and give them authority to ask questions and receive public services within the fixed time frame.


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