Rashid asks NC, PDP to learn from Tamil Political Parties


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President Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er Rashid has asked the NC and PDP and all other regional parties to take a lesson from Tamil based Political Parties including DMK and AIADMK, who despite their political differences have been using all their energy and efforts to force Prime Minister of India not to visit Colombo, as they accuse Sri Lankan government of depriving Tamils of their rights and committing human rights violations against them.

Addressing his party workers at Srinagar on Saturday, he said, “Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti, who are always very eager and enthusiastic to get a certificate of being nationalist Indians, can’t be more loyal Indians as compared to Jaya Lalita and Karunadati, but despite all differences with Tamil regional parties, one must appreciate them for high lighting the sufferings and pleading the cause of Tamils living in Sri Lanka.”

He added, “The way these parties shun down their differences and passed a unanimous resolution in Tamil Nadu Assembly to save the Rajiv Gandhi’s Killers from hanging gives them a lot of ground to claim that they are taking care of the regional sentiments and aspirations of Tamil people.”

Rashid said, “However contrary to their claims NC and PDP seem to have entered a race to get blessings of Congress and always forget about the genuine aspirations and sentiments of Kashmiri people, just fearing that New Delhi and its agencies may doubt their loyalty.”

Rashid alleged that both these main regional parties of J&K have unfortunately miserably failed even to notice that Tamil based parties are pleading cause of Tamils living in another sovereign country while these parties who claim J&K to be India’s integral part are not even able to release a single innocent Kashmiri (supposed to be Indian citizen) or get the ban on SMS services revoked. “Let us remind Omer Abdullah that while he failed to even arrange a last meet between Afzal Guru and his family, how he was praising Indian Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and taking his dictations when the latter visited Jammu first time after Afzal’s murder”.

“Omer should have shown some respect towards sentiments of Kashmiri people who were deeply hurt with cruel smiles seen on the faces of Shinde on eve of Afzal’s hanging,” Rashid said, adding “Omer Abdullah must take a lesson from the Tamil leaders who have been trying hard to stop Prime Minister from visiting Sri Lanka but he couldn’t ask Shinde not to visit this state for some time as it would have at least made Kashmiris to believe that Omer Abdullah has shown a token protest against Afzal’s murder.”


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