NC Distorting History; Sheikh Played Key Role in Kashmir’s Accession: Taj

KL Report


Congress Saturday castigated National Conference Additional General Secretary Mustafa Kamal for claiming that Shiekh Muhammad Abdullah did not play any role in accession process.

Medical Education Minister, Taj Mohi-u-Din told a local news agency, CNS that it was Shiekh Muhammad Abdullah who facilitated the accession of Kashmir with India through Constituent Assembly.

“It was Shiekh who was heading Constituent Assembly that time. The Accord signed by Maharaja Hari Singh was rectified and upheld by Shiekh Abdullah,” Taj said.

Taj said that Kamal is misleading people and trying to distort the facts. “Neither Mustafa Kamal nor Taj can change the history. History is witness to the fact that Kashmir’s accession with India was made possible by NC founder Shiekh Muhammad Abdullah,” he said.

He further said that Kashmir’s accession with India is final and in no way, it is conditional. “Those who raise finger on accession are distorting the facts and it is only a move to mislead people and gain their sympathies. NC can’t deny this fact, that it was Shiekh Muhammad Abdullah who played a key role in accession process,” Taj said.

Medical Education Minister further said that Congress is emerging as a vibrant force in Jammu and Kashmir and this party is certainly going to crush its opponents in forthcoming Parliament and Assembly elections.

He further said that Congress High Command has sought suggestions and opinions about the pre-poll alliance and it is up to the High Command to decide which way they go.


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