Kamal Accuses Congress for Playing Vote Bank Politics Over 73rd Amendment

KL Report


Accusing Congress of playing ‘vote bank’ politics over incorporation of 73rd amendment, Dr Mustafa Kamal the additional general secretary of National Conference (NC) on Saturday said that Congress should forget about the 73rd Amendment of  the Constitution of India into the J&K Panchayat Act in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

While slamming the state congress over remaining silent about the 73rd amendment in the legislative assembly, Kamal said that congress has involved itself in the dual politics. “Why they (Congress) remained silent during the recent assembly session, they could have raised the issue during the zero hour of the house.”

Kamal further alleged Congress of using the 73rd amendment as the ‘election slogan’. He further stated that the provisions of article 370 could not be eroded in the state and Congress has to understand the ‘subtlety’ of the issue. “One wonders why they didn’t raise such hue and cry at the time of Panchayat polls. They said nothing at that time and now are playing politics over the matter.”

“What is the necessity of 73rd amendment? Why should that be implemented in the state?” said Kamal while adding that when no suggestions are being given by the Congress camp, it is ‘unnatural’ to implement the amendment directly while undermining article 370.


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