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Taking strong exception to the statements issued by Mustafa Kamal, additional general secretary National Conference, the Congress on Wednesday said his (Kamal) one foot is always in his mouth.  

“I reject the statement of Kamal on views experienced by Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad, union minister for health and family welfare. As the general public here realizes that Mr Azad did not say anything which was factually incorrect,” said Muzafar Parray, senior vice president of Congress in Jammu and Kashmir told KNS.

Parray added that Azad had reported the feeling of general workers of the Congress in the state and there is hardly anything wrong to which Kamal could have taken exception. “The statement issued by Kamal is in line to what he has been asked to do by National Conference. He has been given the job at which he is trying to do his bit, albeit, distastefully. Kamal forgets matters like Indus Water Treaty which could have been raised and tackled by his father at least in his tenure in 1975 onwards or for that matter, Dr Farooq during his three stints as the chief minister of the state.”

The senior state congress leader remarked: “Public opinion is that Kamal’s one foot is always in his mouth otherwise how could he have talked against army as National Conference MLA who is under oath to abide by the constitution of India in letter and spirit,” he added.

Parray also castigated Kamal for his statement on ‘taxes and tariffs’ and government of India’s funding to Jammu and Kashmir, saying that Kamal is mathematically wrong as   Jammu and Kashmir is extremely a deficit state


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