Kargil Shias Joined The Chores, Condemned The Quetta Killings

KL Report


Solidarity in favour of recent Quetta target killings in Pakistan is continuously pouring. On Sunday, it was the turn of Shias of Kargil to condemn the killings.

A protest rally was organized by the Student Education Cultural Movement of Kargil (SECMOK) in the main bazaar Kargil in which thousands of students both boys and girls reportedly participated and condemned the target killings in Pakistan particularly of the Shia minority community. ‘Stop Shia Carnage’, ‘Shia Target Killings’, ‘Pakistan Government Hia Hia’ were some of slogans raised by students on the occasion.

On February 16, a bomb attack targeting Shia Muslims in the main bazaar of Quetta killed at least 90 people, including women and children, and injured more 200 others. According to the police, most of the victims were Hazara Shias.

On January 10, a twin bomb attack at a crowded billiard hall killed more than 90 people, mostly Hazara Shia Muslims, in Quetta, which is the capital of Balochistan province. The terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for the bombings.

”Government of India should become the voice of the people of Kargil
and should pressurize the Pakistan government to stop these types of
target killings,” president SECMOK, Mohammed Hassan told protestors.

Similar protests were also reported from Leh where protests were held in the main market in which many people from all walks of life participated.

These recent target killings have already poured worldwide condemnations. Two days back, member “All India Shia Personal Law Board” Mirza Muhammad Athar also dispatched a letter to PM Dr Manmohan Singh wherein he mentioned the present situation of Pakistan aftermath of Quetta target killings.



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