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National Conference Spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu has said that PDP MP Tariq Hameed Karra was free to move the Honorable court of law and file a defamation suit against him. NC Spokesman said that Tariq Karra was a specialist at defamation and slander and had misgivings about himself where he has apparently mistaken notoriety for reputation.

“Tariq Karra has always made unsubstantiated allegations and accusations and treats slander as an integral part of his political posturing. He has made hundreds of severe, unsubstantiated allegations against my party and its workers. The ridiculous part of Karra’s threat is that in seeking legal cover against defamation, he has ended up making further more defamatory allegations himself. If this is a Member of Parliament’s understanding of law, then God be with us”, the NC Spokesman said.

The NC Spokesman said that PDP Leaders cannot get away with playing politics over flood relief when they were conspicuously absconding from their duties as elected representatives during the natural calamity. “I have repeatedly been asking PDP to answer where Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was during the floods that ravaged our State. If he aspires to be a Chief Minister of this State, he is also answerable about his lack of concern for the people during the darkest hours of the devastating deluge. These answers that are being sought from PDP are even more important given that PDP’s rhetoric about the flood and PDP’s political posturing on humanitarian suffering is a grave insult to the woes of the flood victims”, the NC Spokesman further added

“Tariq Karra shouldn’t have illegally occupied custodian land if he did not want any questions to be asked of him. The Custodian Department, the people of Shivpora are witnesses to his efforts to disposes them of their land by claiming inheritance that is not legally substantiated by the relevant laws that apply to custodian and evacuee property”, Mattu said.


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