Omar asks BJP to introspect; dares to prove charges against NC

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HCM 03 (1) - CopyAssailing BJP for its double speak, Working President National Conference and Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Wednesday advised its top leadership to have self introspection before raising fingers towards National Conference.

“The country is witnessing with dismay the failures of BJP on all fronts, be it getting back the black money or heralding Ache Din”,  Omar Abdullah said while addressing a public meeting at Nagrota after the party candidate and Omar’s buddy Devender Singh Rana filed his nomination papers. Nagrota wore a festive look with buntings and banners decorated all along the route.

Omar took jibe at BJP saying that people were waiting for Rs 15 lakh each within 100 days of its government but over six months have elapsed nothing is heard. The same is true about rising prices of essentials and other issues of immense public importance, he said with people clapping on each word the Chief Minister spoke.

“You have mumbled, fumbled and jumbled on every important issue and promises made during parliamentary elections”, Omar said amid huge applause while adding that the BJP was on an awkward retreat. He took its leaders head on for speaking in different tones on Article 370 in Jammu and Srinagar. He wondered over the BJP stand on AFSPA and questioned its locus-standi to talk about revocation of this law when it has vehemently and categorically opposed the partial revocation of AFSPA proposed by National Conference led Government over the years.

“The rhetoric of BJP is nothing but an attempt to mislead the people, the Working President told an enthusiastic crowd , who had thronged from various parts of the constituency. The surging crowds echoed their approval to every word Abdullah junior spoke.

“How can the party that failed miserably in keeping even a single promise made to people of India just seven months back, fulfil the commitments made liberally in Jammu and Kashmir ”, he said and cautioned the people to see through their deceit aimed at grabbing the power.
Omar Abdullah appealed the people to deliver severe defeat to the forces bent upon fragmenting the pluralistic ethos, communal amity and solidarity of Jammu and Kashmir which he said is the ages old characteristic of this State. He said National Conference will never allow opportunists and divisive forces to realize their vested interests at the cost of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Omar said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are wiser enough to understand the tricks and poll planks by certain political parties to take benefit by dividing people on caste, creed, religion and regional and other grounds and through propaganda. He exuded confidence that the voters will teach a lesson to those who talk in different voices in different areas and create a hoax about their success.

Castigating Congress for its opportunism and anti-National Conference propaganda, Omar  reminded its leaders of being in power in the State for twelve years in two governments of PDP and National Conference and said that the miserable failure of the MLAs and Ministers of Congress is visible across the State. He said that it was Congress led government which created regional frenzy between valley and Jammu in 2008 and put the State to the blaze of confusion, hatred and communal disturbance.

“The peaceful atmosphere and gigantic development process besides youth welfare, employment generation and visit of crores of yatris and tourists to the State is due to the efforts of National Conference led Government”, he told the Congress leadership and said that Congress wants to take the credit of all the good governance, public service, infrastructure development and holistic progress registered during the NC led Government to itself and shift the blame of its own shortcomings to the National Conference.

Omar Abdullah said that National Conference will continue to strive for equitable and inclusive development of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and seek lasting peace. He said the party is striving for enhancing the vistas of opportunities to each section of the population, especially youth and women. He said all round development, permanent peace, public empowerment and youth and women welfare are the basic pillars of National Conference’s political agenda. “You have witnessed the work done by the National Conference Government during the last six years on power generation, employment creation, skill development, women and youth welfare, upgradation of health, road communication, water supply, industries and entrepreneurship development sectors”, he said and added that National Conference will continue to work for achieving new goals in these fields. He asked the people to support and vote in great numbers in favour of National Conference candidates to safeguard their pluralistic ethos, brotherhood and amity besides ensuring prosperity, peace and economic self-reliance of the State.


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