Kashmir Academic Is Pro VC Amity University Dubai

SRINAGAR: Kashmir professor, Fazal Malik has been appointed as the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Amity University in Dubai. He has been part of the university’s faculty for a long time.

Fazal Haq Malik is Pro VC Amity University Dubai. In this photograph he is seen doming the official robe in presence of his wife, son, daughter and a possible university official.

Prof Malik was teaching at the Media Education and Research Centre (MERC) at the University of Kashmir and was also doing some part-time editing job in a Srinagar newspaper. He availed the opportunity and flew to Dubai where he has been an acclaimed teacher for many years now.

“Honoured and humbled to be appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor Amity University Dubai,” Prof Malik announced on social media. He was heading the media studies department of Amity University.


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