Kashmir born US Scientist to Deliver Lecture at SKIMS



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Dr Khalid Shah
Dr Khalid Shah

Dr Khalid Shah, the Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA will deliver lecture on “Stem Cell therapies for Cancer: From Bench to Bedside” at SKIMS tomorrow at 4.30 PM.

Dr Shah, Kashmir born US scientist recently made headlines across world as he and his team discovered a way of turning stem cells into killing machines to fight brain cancer.

“Dr Shah, a principal faculty at Harvard Stem Cell Institute in Boston have pioneered major developments in the stem cell therapy field, successfully developing experimental models to understand basic cancer biology and therapeutic stem cells for cancer,” the SKIMS spokesperson said in a statement. “These studies have been published in a number of very high impact journals like Nature Neuroscience, PNAS, Nature Reviews Cancer, JNCI, Stem Cells and Lancet Oncology, validating the use of therapeutic stem cells alone and in combination with clinically approved drugs for cancer therapy.”

Dr Shah holds current positions on numerous councils, advisory and editorial boards in the fields of stem cell therapy and oncology. Recently, Dr Shah’s work has caught the attention in the public domain and as such it has been highlighted in the media worldwide including features on BBC and CNN.


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