Kashmir cannot be resolved without Kashmiris: Malik tells Pak HC


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Maintaining that  the issues of trade and commerce between India and Pakistan are much less important than the resolution of Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Mohammad Yasin Malik while meeting Pak high commissioner on Tuesday said that Kashmir cannot be resolved without the inclusion of its people.

Malik met the Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit on Tuesday at New Delhi and said that Kashmir’s resolution cannot be announced to its people by India and Pakistan via newspapers and televisions. He reiterated that the land of Kashmir belongs to the people of Kashmir and without taking into consideration their aspirations, Kashmir can never be resolved.

Later speaking to KNS, the JKLF chief  flayed the GOI over the cancelation of foreign secretary level talks, stating that Kashmir’s pro-freedom camp has been meeting Pakistan from the last 24 years and hence it not the novel one.

“Leaders had been meeting Pakistan’s leadership during the time of VP Singh and all the time GOI used to facilitate their meet. Does this mean that all the previous prime ministers were wrong and only Mr. Modi is right. Before Agra summit, Kashmiri leaders met Musharaf and GOI felicitated the meeting. At the time of Ramzan ceasefire, the government even wanted separatist leaders to meet the militant leadership in Pakistan. The present move by Modi government reveals that it is not sincere in Kashmir resolution and has adopted the hard line approach,” Malik said.

Meanwhile, JKLF spokesman said that the JKLF chief after meeting Pak High commissioner was not allowed by the police to talk to press that was waiting outside the Pak embassy to get the comment of Yasin Malik over his meeting.


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