Soz has lost command over his flock: NC

KL Report


In a scathing attack against the chief of its coalition partner, ruling National Conference Tuesday stated that Saif-Ud-din Soz has lost command over his party and same gets vindicated by his earlier statements wherein he threatened against the survival of the government.

State Congress chief Saif-u-din Soz on Tuesday while talking to reporters said the government would fall if Chief Minister Omar Abdullah fails to convene a cabinet meeting at the earliest.

Soz had said if the chief minister fails to convene the cabinet meeting or if the Coordination Committee meeting was not held, government would fall as it would have no constitutional validity.

The State Congress chief had on Saturday asked the chief minister to convene a cabinet meeting to take a call on reservation of Scheduled Castes (SCs), Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and other important issues. A day ahead on August 15 function, Omar had announced reduction of electricity duty by 12 percent and declared reservation of 5 percent for Pahari speaking people and 2 percent for OBCs.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), NC Additional General Secretary said that Soz should not have made the fissures within the coalition public and that the internal issues could have been discussed in the CCC meet.

“If there were any grievances between the two parties, the same could have been addressed within the CCC meet. I fail to understand what Soz felt the urgent need to make the controversial comments before the newsmen.”

He said that the statement of Soz wherein he has threatened the coalition proves that he has lost his command over his flock. “It is the frustration of Soz that is speaking at present. He should have at least consulted his men before making such comments that are condemnable in nature.”

Kamal questioned Soz’s statement that government would fall if cabinet is not convened- stating that if the government functioned smoothly for almost five years and nine months, it would be bizarre that the government would cease to exist.


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