Kashmir Conference in Pakistan smacks of Political, Ideological Bankruptcy: Bakhshi



ISL patron Shakeel Bakhshi
ISL patron Shakeel Bakhshi

Deliberating on the proposed conference on 20-21 January in Islamabad Pakistan, Islamic Students League Patron Shakeel Ahmad Bakhshi Saturday said that the very agenda of this conference “is a joke and at the same time this is a deliberate attempt to club together pro-Independence and pro-establishment people on one platform”.

“The proposed conference seems to deliberate on various articles of Indian constitution like Article 370 and Article 35 (A), and increasing influence of Hindutva in India in grab of discussing Kashmir Issue. Should we see this attempt to legitimize Indian occupation in the area?  One fails to understand what is the logic and rationale behind such exercise that too in Islamabad Pakistan, and what message organizers are trying to convey?” he asked

Bakhshi further said, “how unfortunate is this that at such a crucial juncture of freedom movement when we should have been focused on understanding and guarding against internal and external conspiracies aimed at our freedom movement we are proudly exhibiting the invitations extended for such events. While this situation is an indication of Pakistan’s roll back of its Kashmir policy it is highly unfortunate that our brethren who are supposed to safeguard the interests of the movement and the people at the base camp have assumed the role of yes-men.”

“The irony is that the people who should be guarding the movement from external conspiracies and internal decay are consciously or unconsciously becoming the tools in such moves which are detrimental to our freedom struggle,” he alleged.

Bakhshi said that such type of events amount to “making fun of the struggle of Kashmiri people and their umpteen sacrifices and we need to learn lessons for the future strategies regarding freedom movement”.


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