Kashmir Downpour: Choked Doudganga Partly Gets Into Rambagh


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Dodhganga stream that passes through upper Srinagar is overflowing its capacity and has started inundating Rambagh and Barzulla, residents said.

“The main road in Rambagh is inundated and so many shops on either side of the road have started getting waters in,” resident Hilal Ahmad said. “The level is increasing gradually but surely.”

Earlier, the water from the same stream had breached into Barzulla. Though the local population had managed to plug the entry level on the embankment, some amount of water is still getting in.

As per the last reports that came in, people of Barzulla have managed to open the bund towards the Rambagh flood channel that is believed to give some respite to the locals.

Dodhganga is one of the worst instances of encroachment and official neglect. At certain places it has reduced to mere festering drain.


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