Kashmir Flooded: ‘Please Help Us,’ flood victims write on Facebook

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A flood scene in Bemina Srinagar. Photo: Bilal Bahadur

At the moment when the flood situation has remained grim and has cut off surface communication in many parts of the valley, Kashmir Life is receiving a barrage of online messages through Facebook posted by flood victims crying for the help.

“Please share if there will be no rescue operations in Padgampora Awantipora within half an hour,” wrote one Aabid Makru, “then there will be loss of many lives. Please help us.”

Another Facebook user Mir Shariq Jowwad dropped this ‘grim’ message into KL inbox, saying: “People from Ratnipora Pulwama are suffering because of increasing water level. Most of the village is submerged. We need help. Need boats and rescue operation team as well.”

The overflowing of water bodies across state have already devoured above 100 persons and the prevailing situation is continuously posing danger to many lives.

“Just now I received a call from Khrewan Kulgam,” one Uwais Amin messaged KL. “The whole village is under threat. Both side of the village is under water. People can’t go outside without help. People are crying there. So please, I requested your good self to forward it to administration of Kulgam, so they can help them early as possible.”

A Facebook user Haya Alee wrote: “In Reshipora ullar, most of the villagers are trapped in a single house as the house was on a height as compared to rest of village houses. But the continuous increase in the water level has submerged this lone house too with all the villagers inside including women and children.” The user further wrote: “It is doomsday here. The cries of children are unbearable. Please admin, this is urgent. They are totally isolated. Please…”

The KL inbox received this ‘heart-wrenching’ message by one Parveez Gull: “Dear admin you are humbly requested to post this message as soon as possible. Come to rescue the adjacent villages of Awantipora particularly Ghat Tokna, Beigpora, Padgampora, Gulzarpora, Reshipora. A large number of families are trapped and they have now shifted to second floor as the first floor is filled by water completely.”

The villagers of Chursoo Awntipora, wrote one Bhat Sahil, need help as all the villagers are presently in second storey of school building. “They need boats to save themselves. If anybody from nearby area can help them on volunteer basis. Awantipora police do not provide boats. As no higher authorities have reached the spot,” he wrote.

One Aaban Aahil wrote: “The village Archanderhama Pattan has been reeling under floods from last 3 days. The water level is nearly up to one storey of buildings. Many structures have got damaged. But still no one has come for rescue despite hundreds of phone calls to different govt officials. There is no availability of drinking water or food and only thing people can do is to cry.”

One Arran Suhail wrote: “We the people from Dangarpora, Kakpora are in need of immediate HELP. Whole village is surrounded by water. All single storeyed houses have sunk in water. Water level has increased above second floor of houses. All the people are in top floor of Jamia Masjid Dangarpora, Kakpora. An immediate need of rescue crew, boats etc are requested. Please help us.”

“Please update this message that the people of Arwani Bijbehara are crying for help,”  wrote one War Rahul.

Another Facebook user, Gazala Sabreen, wrote: “Anyone in close vicinity of girl’s hostel of The Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST). Do help them. At least more than 50 girls are stuck there. It’s total havoc. They have already passed a message through radio to the officials.”

From Tulkhan Bijbehara, one Lateef Gull, wrote: “Raat ko paani garoo mai gussa ha. Paani eik manzil kee upper ha. Log madad ke liye chilate ha. Koie help nahi kar raha ha. Please update on your page. Hosakhta hai kuch help hojaye. Thanks. (The water has entered inside our houses and people are crying for help. Nobody is helping them. Please update. Maybe, something happens).”


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