Kashmir Flooded: Srinagar Sleepless Tonight


KL Report


More than half of the capital city is not sleeping tonight as they are watching how the surging levels of the water in Jhelum, flood channel and other streams is impacting them. A section of population has already migrated out of their water logged homes, mostly in Bemina and adjacent localities and Mehjoor Nagar.

“I had sent my kids to a relative during the day,” a resident in Barzalla said. “In the evening, I also wanted to leave but water that gushed into the locality from Doudhganga did not permit. We are living on second floor of a complex.”

After decades, the Barazalla-Baghat belt witnessed floods actually getting into the villas. A massive breach – which residents said, could have been avoided had officials took it serious during the day, near the hospital diverted half of Doudhganga into the belt and the main road is looking like an ocean.

While the breach-on-this-bank could have saved the Rambagh living on the other bank, it has not. A massive quantum of water literally travelled by road from Chanpora and Natipora and started submerging the ground floors in Rambagh.

Old Barzalla was expecting some relief after they repaired the bridge but it has not given any solace. The water is actually in the locality and people are sitting in the first floors leaving the ground floors for water.

“We are not sleeping, we are on the road” Ali Mohammad said from Abi Guzar. “The water level is increasing but it is still five stairs away from the level we live.” Ali who is around 65 says he does not remember the last time when furious Jhelum would have touched the locality. “This time, fear is there,” he said.

The situation has triggered panic and challenge. There are at least half a dozen hospitals which are literally closed or are functioning at minimum. The Imam-e-Hussain hospital in Bemina is under water and closed, so is the JVCs SKIMS hospital wherefrom the patients were already shifted out to SKIMS during later afternoon. Bone & Joint hospital has left the ground floor for flood water and is operating from first floor. People are now using tractors to access the hospital from the main road bridge.

Situation in Bemina and adjacent areas is of complete devastation. The breach in a local torrent has restored the entire belt to the status of flood basin. Most of the population was evacuated during the day. Those who have stayed put are in the first and second floors. The crisis is grave is Hamdania colony area.

Srinagar’s Natipora, Mehjoor Nagar, Padshahi Bagh, Rambagh, Kursoo and Chanapora areas are submerged. A breach at an embankment at Natipora affected traffic moment after which traffic was diverted on Rambagh-Natipora road.

A bridge at Mochu was damaged due to heavy flood. The road from Pantha Chowk to Sempora is submerged impacting the 15 corps headquarters.

Many shops in Sarai Balla could not be opened because water was already in them during wee hours.


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