Kashmir Floods: Homeless Families Camp Outside Ziyarat Batamaloo

KL Report


Rendered homeless by recent floods, more than a dozen families of Batamaloo in civil lines area of summer capital have camped in tents outside a Shrine.

According to GNS, around 14 families of various localities of Batamaloo which include Baran Pathar, Ziyarat Mohalla and New Colony have established around 7 tents outside Ziyarat Batamaloo Sahab.

The victim families told GNS that earlier they were living at the houses of their relatives and in nearby Medical dispensary as their own houses have either collapsed or are on the verge of collapse.

The tents, victims say, weren’t provided by government or by any aid agency. “But, after lot of difficulties, we acquired these tents at our own from different people,” Shabir Ahmad (name changed) told GNS.

With the establishment of seven tents, the demand for more tents have increased. The reasons, locals say, are: “Earlier, the people who wanted to provide relief to victims had to search for them but since we camped here, the relief has started to come to us smoothly. Also, the people living in damaged houses are feeling unsafe while the localities are not fully sanitized.”

Lashing out at state government, the victims said the government, except ration, hasn’t provided them anything. “We are unnoticed,” they alleged. The victims also criticized government for not providing tents to the homeless families. “The establishment wants to give a notion that all is well here and that is why they aren’t providing tents,” they said. (GNS)



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