Kashmir Inc Concerned over ‘Systematic Assault’ on People of Kashmir



Kashmir traders and manufacturers federation president Mohammad Yasin Khan Tuesday expressed serious concern over growing incidents of broad day light murders or similar assaults on the people of Kashmir and it seems to “be a part of some deep rooted conspiracy”.

In a statement Khan, who is chairperson of his faction of Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) said, “a women in Baramulla has been murdered in cold blood whereas every now and then Kashmiri people traveling down the Udhampur highway are attacked.”

“It is total failure of the state government to safe guard the life and interest of people of Kashmir. The burning of a truck in Udhampur which consumed life of Zahid should have served as eye opener and put the entire government on alert but what is happening is that the concern are deliberately sleeping over such issues,” Khan said.

He asked the government to rise the occasion and crush such nefarious designs with iron hands or people of Kashmir “will be left with no options but to launch an agitation for which onus of any consequences will lie squarely on the government”.


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