‘Where is Mehbooba Mufti Now?’ asks NC, Condemns ‘Arrest Spree’ in South Kashmir



National Conference Tuesday condemned the arrest spree of youngsters in south Kashmir areas and bashed PDP for what it called ‘hypocritical politics’.

“Where is Mehbooba Mufti especially that Mehbooba who posed as sympathizer of youth before her party came to power?” Provincial Spokesperson National Conference said in a statement issued to KNS today.

Castigating the PDP President for her ‘hypocritical’ statements he said, “she used to shed crocodile tears for the arrested youth and had promised that all political prisoners would be released if she came to power. Now it is clear that her tears and promises were no more than cheap and sinful political gimmicks.”

The provincial spokesperson demanded that Mehbooba Mufti and her party come clean on the number of youth arrested during the recent protest by youth of Kashmir who were protesting following the murder of 18 year old Zahid Rasool Bhat of Batengoo.

“Right now parents of the arrested youth particularly from Islamabad, Kulgam and adjoining areas are worried for the safety of their children. The recent incidents of women throwing stones are a physical manifestation of that anger. It is really disturbing to see mothers and sisters’ coming on roads in what is nothing but a desperate expression against wolves in sheep’s clothing,” he said.

“Instead of acting promptly and efficiently against the culprits flaring communal agenda in the state, Mehbooba directed the state police machinery to bring down innocent youth through wanton arrests,” he alleged.

“Not just arrests,” the statement read, “the recent times have shown that the party head who had promised that pellet guns would be banned in their tenure has been bruising the very psyche of people,” the statement added.

“What is the answer of Mehbooba Mufti on the use of pellet guns on protesters? What explains the use of horrifying inflammable tear grenades that have maimed our young?” he said.

Demanding immediate release of the arrested youth, he said, “Mehbooba Mufti cannot hide behind her father’s figure and escape the responsibility.”


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