Kashmir Is Beyond Your Hands: Bilawal Tells Imran Khan

SRINAGAR: In a recent address to the Parliament, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that foreign policy of his government is a success story, claiming that the issue of Kashmir was raised at global platforms like never before.

However, the opposition parties slammed the Imran Khan-led the government for “completely failing” in its diplomacy over Kashmir and compromising the Kashmir issue over Afghanistan.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, chairperson of Pakistan People Party (PPP) slammed the government for trying to project the current foreign policy, a success story.

“I am surprised to see Prime Minister Imran Khan call his government’s foreign policy as a success. The Kashmir issue has been completely compromised. Kashmir is out of our hands now since August 5, 2019. And his government has done nothing about it.

“India became non-permanent member of UNSC with massive votes. And our government’s foreign policy kept numb… became completely irrelevant in the matter. I ask how and why did this happen when the so called successful diplomacy was active?” he questioned.

Khwaja Asif, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) lashed out at the government for its “failure in gaining support” from the international community over the Kashmir issue and allowing it to slip the issue into India’s hands deliberately.

“India has taken over Kashmir today. It is gone from our hands. And that has happened in the presence of Imran Khan-led government. India became part of the UNSC non-permanent members with massive support. Those countries, who our government claimed to be its allies on the Kashmir issue against India, sided clearly with India. And this prime minister has the audacity to claim that his foreign policy is a success. It is a slap, a failure, an embarrassment,” he said.

Another opposition member from PPP Sherry Rehman said that the Kashmir dispute is “done and dusted today”, courtesy to what she called “incompetent government of Prime Minister Imran Khan”.

Taking to twitter, Senator Sherry Rehman slammed Prime Minister’s speech in the Parliament, calling on the premier to stop destroying Pakistan. “It’s not only about inappropriate speeches in parliament. Who will stop your PM from destroying Pakistan? Three more years and nothing may be left. Economy is worse, debts are higher, mafias on the rampage, PIA being cannibalised, Kashmir gone, what’s left?” the senator tweeted.

The Imran Khan government is facing serious criticism from the opposition parties, who are questioning its capability and competence to run the country.

Despite of all these slamming, Imran Khan is consistent in his claims and praises for his government and its policies on domestic matters, handling of coronavirus pandemic and foreign policy, specially over Kashmir.


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