Kashmir is Capital of Fatty Liver Disease, Says The Doctors’ Body



Kashmir doctors Saturday expressed concern saying that the patients in valley suffer as the hospitals are without the facility of Fibroscan that is used to “establish the presence of fibrosis and cirrhosis in patients with liver disease”.

Terming Fibroscan as an essential diagnostic tool for liver disease patients, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) said, “it is unethical to keep hospitals especially tertiary care without Fibroscan as doctors nowadays cannot deal with liver disease patients without this breakthrough device.”

“Both ‘European and Asia-Pacific’ associations for the study of liver’ recommend Fibroscan rather than liver biopsy for evaluation of patients with liver disease, but because of non-availability of instrument in hospitals, doctors in Kashmir end up on a compromise in diagnosis,” the statement by DAK said.

Notably, Fibroscan has replaced liver biopsy which had important sample error issues, subjectivity in interpretation and real risk of complications like bleeding. The gadget is a non-invasive technique used to estimate the degree of liver damage, monitor disease progression and predict survival in patients with liver disease.

“There is epidemic of Hepatitis B and C in Kashmir and Fibroscan will guide prognosis and assist in establishing treatment priorities in these patients,” the statement said. “The equipment is accurate, safe and results are instantaneous so clinicians can make decisions quickly.”

“Kashmir is the capital of fatty liver disease patients and Fibroscan is the gold standard for detecting early fibrosis in them and providing an opportunity to change their life style and prevent further progression of disease. In addition, this technology can be used to evaluate patients with breast cancer, prostate cancer and other diseases in which fibrosis play an important role,” the doctors said.


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