Kashmir Minting Money For ‘Army And Politicians’: Kamal

KL Report


National Conference senior leader Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal Friday said that the involvement of vested interests present in Establishment, Security Agencies and Politics in Samba and Hiranagar Fidayeen attack cannot be ruled out.

“Kashmir has become a machine where vested interests are minting money day in and day out. These vested interests are even present in Army and its related security agencies,” Kamal told CNS adding that ‘hidden hands’ inimical to peace are hand in glove.

Kamal said that we all wonder how a handful of militants appeared in an area which is not known for militancy and where militants can not hide for a minute. “Let us assume the attack was carried out by the militants but a million dollar question is on whose behest they carried out this deadly attack,” he said.

He said not only vested interests in Army and other Security Agencies have accumulated wealth on the cost of Kashmiri people but there are politicians who are busy in exploiting situation and are fill their coffers.

“The example of Agriculture Minister, Ghulam Hassan Mir is before us. How this man despite being a Cabinet Minister received money from Army. There are hundreds of politicians like Mir in Kashmir,” Kamal told CNS adding that a Victor Force Commander stationed at Awantipora played a key role during 2002 elections and left no stone unturned in helping Peoples Democratic Party to gain power.

Kamal said what Jamat-ul-Dawah is doing in Pakistan, BJP is doing that in India and particularly in Jammu and Kashmir. “BJP thrives on communal politics. This party would cease to exist in an ideal society,” he said.


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