Kashmir, Never Acceded With India: Geelani

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Disapproving the claim and resolution passed in Indian parliament with regards to Jammu and Kashmir, chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani said that Kashmir since ages has remained a sovereign and independent state and had never acceded with India.

Saturday in a press release, Geelani while criticizing and denouncing the Indian politicians added that their politics is based on hypocrisy and all ruling, opposition and even their media are deceiving and keeping their people in dark.

Reaffirming its faith and determination, Geelani vowed that people of Jammu and Kashmir would never call off their struggle and would strive to achieve their birth right for self determination.

Geelani while reiterating his stand reminded  Indian authorities that Jammu and Kashmir existed prior to 1947 and continues to be as a disputed territory and added that ever since its existence it has never remained a part of India.

Referring to history, Geelani termed the accession documents as ‘immoral, invalid and disputed’and added that ‘then  Maharaja Hari Singh had no legal or constitutional right to sign the accession treaty with India without the consent of majority of Jammu and Kashmir.’

Geelani while revealing the facts said that Indian army landed the state on 27 October 1947 on the pretext to push back
tribal army men which instigated a full-fledged war between India and Pakistan. With the intervention of United Nations a ceasefire was observed and LOC came into existence, added  Geelani.

Recalling the history, Geelani added that,”then Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru pledged to provide an opportunity to people of Jammu and Kashmir to decide their destiny and political future at par with the resolutions passed in Security Council.”

While apprising about the real facts about the Kashmir issue Geelani said that it was India who in a bid to lodge a complaint and case and added that member countries of  United Nations  after great deliberations and discussions, a resolution favouring  grant of  plebiscite was passed which was followed by 18 such resolutions in succession. Both India
and Pakistan accepted the resolutions and added that international community stand witness to this fact.

Hurriyat Chairman added that people of Jammu and Kashmir are striving for the fact that till date India failed to accept this reality and added that the majority in J&K demand that their political future be decided as per resolutions of UN and their aspirations.

While lamenting the Indian authorities for their autocratic and colonial approach, Geelani said that instead of falling in line the Indian rulers have resorted to arbitrary rule and suppressive measures to muzzle the genuine voice of the people.

“They are killing the people and in post partition scenario assassinated more than 5 lakh people in Jammu region.
The genocide was repeated in Kashmir valley too and with the result the youth revolted and took arms .It is since then that more than two lakh people were brutally assassinated and more than 600 new graveyards came into existence. Hundreds and thousands of civilian including men, women, and innocent’s children were killed and it is still a question mark that who are the persons those lying in these unmarked graves,” he said

“The forces have resorted to excesses and assault against women including rape and created mayhem like situation in
valley. Without taking into consideration law ,moral values and even ignored the their constitution they hanged Mohamad Maqbool Bhat and Mohamad Afzal Guroo secretly,” he added.

While recalling the woes the prisoners face, Geelani said, “33 youths have been awarded lifer and hundreds of youth are
suffering in Tihar, Srinagar, Baramulah, Kupwara, Udhampore, Impahal, Rajowri and poonch detention centres,” he said while hailing the steadfastness, patience and commitment of the people, said that we have pledged to strive for the just and sacred cause.

Rejecting and denouncing the highhandedness of the India and its allies in Jammu and Kashmir, Geelani reiterated his demand for release of all detainees and condemned the authorities and called unjustified for shifting Shabir Ahmad Shah to Kotbalwal and slapping PSA against the senior Hurriyat leader.


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