Asking Jammu and Kashmir Police to learn lessons after six of its personnel were attacked by “uncontrolled goons of the Army” at Gund Ganderbal Police Station resulting in injuries to many 6 of them, incumbent Langate lawmaker, Er Rasheed on Saturday said that the incident is yet another proof to conclude that India treats every Kashmiri as its enemy, irrespective of his loyalty.

According to a statement, Rasheed said, the cops of Jammu and Kashmir police need to understand that whatsoever “atrocities” they may commit on their own people, gives New Delhi only seasonal and occasional pleasure.

“The world should know if Indian Army could stoop so low and attack the cops for the only fault that they are Kashmiris, what should be the fate of common masses. Those police officers who used to threaten publically of taking revenge, after attack by militants in Kokernag and elsewhere on police parties should ask their conscience as to why don’t they issue similar threats to their fellow goons in Uniform”.

Rasheed asked the local cops to feel the pulse of people who didn’t even condemn the attack on the local police cops for the reason they hate J&K Police more than the army. “It should be a serious concern for the police force to notice that despite being sons of the soil, why they are facing heat not only from their own people but also from the army.”

“Had police force taken some care of protecting its credibility by not humiliating Kashmiris every time, people would have taken to streets in their support and against Army,” the statement quoted Rasheed as having said, adding, “But the fact of the matter is that a section of J&K police has been compromising everything including their self-respect and this time again they will prefer to keep mum rather speaking their heart out”.

Rasheed warned New Delhi and Army of dire consequences if they don’t change their behaviour and attitude towards local cops, as there is a sufficient number within J&K Police who can go for a revolt against Indian state anytime in near future, as they have been watching with pain and silence the atrocities on their own people”.


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