Kashmir prisoners facing inhuman, ill treatment: Geelani


Seriously concerned about the “pathetic” conditions of jails in and outside the state, Hurriyat (G) Conference chairman Syed Ali Geelani, on Monday, said that the way, prisoners are being ill-treated in various jails, and treating them in such way has surpassed all the limits of the human and legal sphere.

The spokesman said that these helpless prisoners are facing inhuman and ill treatment, unlawfully and unnecessarily shifted outside jails and harassed on one pretext or the other. Those languishing in Tihar, Central jail Srinagar, Jammu, Delhi and other jails are facing extreme situations and hence observing hunger strike for many days.

Geelani termed it, the revengeful and biased behavior of jails authorities, saying these inmates are subjected to the worst physical torture, they are abused and beaten by using every “repressive” technique to force them to subjugation.

Geelani said that these inmates and particularly those lodged in central Jail Srinagar and Udhampur are degraded, humiliated and debouched repeatedly which puts them under severe psychological and mental stress, affecting their physical wellbeing as well and if somebody takes ill they are denied proper medical treatment. Referring to biased authorities in Udhampur jail, Syed Ali Geelani said that prisoners lodged here are subjected to third-degree torture and are not presented in judiciary on scheduled dates of hearing.

Geelani said that proper medical aid and other facilities they are eligible to, according to the jail manual, are completely denied. Substandard food is supplied to the inmates and they’re by putting their lives in danger and trouble. Geelani expressed his deep anguish over the plight of those in jails for decades together, said that slow pace of judiciary, and  bureaucracy and the criminal silence of the champions of the human rights, has traumatized and put, not only these inmates in a macabre situation but their families as well

Syed Ali Geelani while hailing the commitment and steadfastness of detainees asked ICRC, Asia Watch, Amnesty International and other Human Rights Organizations to come to the ‘rescue’ of these detainees.


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