Kashmiri Doctor Risks his life to Save a Covid-19 Patient

SRINAGAR: Dr Zahid Majeed Nadaf, a Kashmiri doctor, presently working at India’s premier institute, the AIIMS risked his life to save a critical Covid-19 patient in Delhi. The doctor has now been sent to a 14-day quarantine.

The incident took place inside an ambulance around 2 am on May 8.

Dr Zahid Majeed Nadaf, a Senior Resident Doctor At AIIMS, Delhi

A senior resident doctor at the critical care medicine in AIIMS, Dr Zahid, actually a resident of district Anantnag in Kashmir, took off his protective gear and put himself at grave risk to save a critical Coronavirus patient while shifting him to the Intensive Care Unit, a senior official said.

“Zahid Abdul Majeed, was not even able to break his (Ramzan) fast when he was called for shifting a COVID-19 intubated patient to the ICU in the AIIMS Trauma Centre, which has been converted as a dedicated COVID-19 hospital,” Srinivas Rajkumar T, General Secretary, AIIMS Resident Doctors’ Association, New Delhi has said.

The former president of the Resident Doctor’s Association at AIIMS Dr Harjit Singh Bhatti also tweeted the post-reading, “Dr Zahid, DM critical care doctor at AIIMS, Delhi showed exceptional valour & dedication while catering to a #Covid_19 patient. While on duty he was not even able to break his ramdaan fast when he was called for shifting a COVID positive intubated patient to the ICU.”

He also wrote, “Unfortunately, when Zahid reached the ambulance he noted the difficulty in ventilating the patient and suspected accidental extubation. He immediately decided to re-intubate. Owing to poor visibility through the PPE inside the ambulance, he decided to remove his goggles.” “And then reintubated the patient in such sub-optimal condition keeping in mind the imminent death of the patient if he failed. He didn’t think twice before taking full-blown aerosol exposure from the patient. I don’t know how astute the decision was to put oneself at risk.”

“But Zahid definitely prevented an inevitable death. He got himself exposed to highest possible viral load just to deliver his duty. I don’t know if Zahid will contract COVID, but I pray that he comes out well and strong. He is in quarantine, pray for him #storiesOfStrength,” he added.

Meanwhile, the chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal also reached out to his twitter to appreciate Dr Zahid’s efforts. He tweeted, “Salute to Dr Majeed who put his life to risk to save a corona patient. We r sooo proud of such doctors. Thank u and God bless u Doc!”

Besides the Delhi chief minister, various netizens appreciated Dr Zahid’s efforts to save the patient.

Soon after Dr Zahid’s timeline was flooded with appreciations, he also reached out to his social media to thank people. But he also wrote, “I can’t defend its wisdom. I tell you all not to do this but the situation over flooded my capacity of prioritising self-protection. I dot want it to be made an example. save your own self first. All i felt I couldn’t face my own conscience if I wouldn’t do.”


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