Kashmiri Student Develops 3D Android Game

KL Report


It what could be the big achievement a class twelve student of Kashmir has developed a three dimensional Android shooter game called “Kill Genre.”

The android game   is currently being offered by prominent websites, including Google, Amazon  App Store, Get Jar and Slideme and has also been featured on  YouTube.

Owais Ahmad, 18, the student who developed the 3-D game said he was working on the project for past two years and used the information available on Internet.

“It requires the basic concept of physics   as well as mathematics. Vector algebra was our chapter in 12th class it’s fully integrating with the game. Like the 3-dimensional game I just built, it requires all the components of that chapter basically, and I would like to thank mathematics and physics teacher,” said Ahmad.

‘Kill Genre’, is a vengeful story of a boy in the form of a 3-Dimensional game, in which he is trying to find his disapproved brother on an island possessed by zombies.

Owais’s father said his child had potential to make a name for himself and he was happy with this achievement, which was being appreciated globally.

“We have got so many viewers from America, United Kingdom and China. They were very appreciative” said Nazir Ahmad.
With students developing online applications and games, there is a trend of developing websites, games and applications by the youth of Kashmir.


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