Recognise Kashmir’s International Dimension: Malik

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Stating that Kashmir is not a border dispute between two countries, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik Saturday said leaders should recognize the international dimension of the issue before terming it as an internal issue of a particular country.

“This is a world acknowledged dispute that was not taken to United Nations by Pakistan or Kashmiri’s but by Indian leaders themselves. Therefore no highly educated person and politician should make a joker of him by calling this an internal issue”, Malik said in a statement issued in response to Minister for External Affairs Salman Khurshid’s statement.

“At United Nations world acknowledged and pledged to provide Kashmiris a chance to determine their future democratically. India also accepted this and the issue was even taken to the first parliament of India where first prime Minster of India Jawahar Lal Nehru while addressing Indian parliament said that “ Kashmiri’s are not a Salable commodity  and  nobody can Purchases them. They will be given a chance to decide about their future and if they opt against India, we will be sad but will accept their verdict”, Malik added.

Malik while responding to Salman Khurshid’s mention of Nelson Mandela’s truth and reconciliation policy said: “We being the followers of Allah’s last messenger prophet Muhammad SAW, know that value of truth and reconciliation. We know that how our beloved prophet after Conquering holy Mecca declared peace with those who had subjugated thee and these followers with worst kind of torture. We also know that worthy people like Nelson Mendela following those foot prints also used this truth and reconciliation policy and forgave the oppressors. But all this was not unilateral. White regime in South Africa accepted the rights of black people and closed the ugly chapter of apartheid”, he said adding. “But how this could be applied in Kashmir .there is only one way to do it.  Let Salman Khurshid’s India show some beg heart, magnanimity and accept the right of freedom of Kashmiri. Let India take its armies out from Kashmir and end its Forced domination of Kashmir; it will find Kashmiri’s much more reconciliatory and forgiving”.

On Salman Khurshid’s statement that separatists should prove their representative character, Malik said that pro-freedom leaders and parties represent the sentiments, aspirations, struggle and sacrifices of Kashmiris. “We have time and again said that we are ready to prove our representative character and in 2001 under the banner of united APHC we even constituted an impartial election commission comprising of some intellectuals from India, Pakistan and Kashmir. In Delhi every Indian party took a stand against our step and Indian state arrested all pro freedom leaders for taking that democratic step”, he said and added that Indian leaders know the fact but this rhetoric of ‘contest elections’ is a mere poly to be fool their own people.



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