Kashmiris Being Treated Like Infiltrators By Surveying Their Personal, Private Affairs: Er Rasheed



engineer Rasheed
Er Rasheed

AIP president and MLA Langate Er Rasheed Monday said that while the survey being carried out by JKP seeking minute and personal details from every household is something that has been in practice since 1990, the act speaks about the ways and opportunities being expedited to humiliate Kashmiris and create doubts in their own minds about each other.

“In the past army and other security agencies have been engaged in the shameless act of having group and individual photographs of each family irrespective their age and gender, in the remote areas and Kashmiri,” Er Rasheed said. “The intentions behind such surveys are nothing but to create a wedge between the various sections of the society. GoI has unsuccessfully been preaching that J&K is not a single entity but a divided house as there are Hindus, Gujjars, Shias, Pahadis and other groups and communities, who have nothing to do with Kashmir Resolution.”

Rasheed said that while thousands of non-Kashmiris labourers and others enter Kashmir without any proper registration, “nobody has an objection and they are at liberty to do what they want, and go where they wish but Kashmiris are being treated like infiltrators in their own mother land, which is condemnable and unacceptable”.


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