Kashmir’s Only Conference Centre Devastated By Flood

KL Report


Sheri Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC), Kashmir’s exclusive convention centre which has hosted numberless events and conferences of national and international level and has always played a platform for important world renowned personalities ,celebrities and corporate delegates has been devastated by the recent flood rendering it out of operations.

According to local news agency KNS, SKICC’s  ground floor and basement was completely submerged which resulted in complete damage to the  electrical supply system stores housekeeping ,accounts transport administration and operations sections the worst hit is its air-conditioning system as these all were operating from the basement similarly the drainage system is also gone non functional .The back lawn two cottages which were favorite of VVIP’s all across the globe and where Sonia Gandhi always preferred to stay are completely damaged and devastated ,the vehicles of the SKICC were seen floating in the water of flood which swallowed it from all the corners making most of it submerged .


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