Kathua case: Now JRL supports the capital punishment demand



Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Muhammad Yaseen Malik while addressing a press gathering at Abi Guzar Srinagar,  said that the JRL vows to protect the Muslim minority of Jammu region and the government should hang the culprits in the case.

Reacting to the protest led by Hindu Ekta Munch in Jammu Malik said that “people from corners of the world never defend those who rape and murder in Jammu a certain section of the populace have done so.

JKLF Chief Mohammad Yasin Malik addressing a press conference at Abi Guzar, Srinagar

Slamming the BJP government for not taking any action Malik said that the people of Kashmir are ready to spill their blood for the Muslim minorities in Jammu region.

“The minority communities like Dalits, Christians and Muslims and other communities are consistently being harassed in India,” Malik added.

Hurriyat (G) Chairman Syed Ali Geelani on said that communalization and politicization of the rape and murder of an eight-year-old Bakerwal girl in Kathua were “deplorable, disgusting and against all ethics.

Geelani was addressing a press conference through a phone call called by Joint Resistance Leadership at Abiguzer in Srinagar to protest against brutal killing and rape incident of a minor girl in Kathua and expressed solidarity with the Muslim community in Jammu.

Geelani in his telephonic address appealed the people from all sections of society, particularly non-Muslim community and human rightist groups in Jammu, to come in support of victim’s family so that perpetrators are punished for their heinous crime.

Syed Ali Geelani said that we are duty-bound to honour, safeguard and defend precious human lives and religious values irrespective of their faith, creed colour and cast, saying it is quite disgusting that instead of this we see the humans are being mercilessly slaughtered everywhere.

Their properties looted and their chastity being continuously tarnished and all this butchery is being carried out under the glaring eyes of ruling elite as the people at the helm of affairs are acting as stooges and as deaf-mute spectators, said Geelani.

In his ‘address’, Geelani, who is under continuous house arrest, expressed his deep sorrow over the rape and killing incident of innocent nomadic girl Asifa and added that we are pained and we stand with grieved family.

The Muslim community in Jammu are being subjected to worst situations by these elements, said Geelani in his address and demanded stringent and exemplary action against those involved in the heinous crime.

He said that I am pained at the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl Asifa in Kathua, saying, it is a slur for that rhetoric about their claims for being a part of “great democracy’’. They are shielding criminals and it is very disgusting, deplorable and horrific, that a rally in Kathua led by a BJP leader in support of a special police officer (SPO) arrested for rape and murder of an eight-year-old nomad girl, was provided security, said he.

It conveys disturbing situations and sends shock our conscience, saying we are reeling under very complicated situations and it is all against civilized behaviour and norms accorded in a civilized society.

The criminals kept her in their captivity, raped an innocent, molested and then killed in a brutal manner. Is this what we call a civilized society? It is the beastly act and one and all should condemn this, Geelani said.

Slamming administration for their failure, Syed Ali Geelani said, Asifa could have been saved from these butchers, if the action would have been initiated in time, instead of this the killers and those involved in this heinous crime, were part of the search and investigating team, Geelani said.

I am astonished and I feel the extreme pain that instead of helping to trace culprits and accord those with stringent punishment, a rally in Kathua led by a BJP leader under the banner of Hindu Ekta Manch in support of a criminal arrested for rape and murder of nomad girl, sent disturbing and heart-breaking signals. It is a slur for their so-called democracy and despite their rhetoric “Beti Padow, Beti Bachow” illustrates their fascist mindset.

I am quite disheartened to see that these bigoted elements, instead of demanding a fair trial and stringent punishment for accused, the Hindu Ekta Manch took out a protest rally in support of the assailants and apprehended rapist (SPO). Most disgusting is that while supporting the rapist they while wrapping their dogmatic ideology in their national banner and buried it under the debris of their filthy politics, Geelani said.

In his telephonic ‘address’, Geelani, lamented at state administration, saying that when people from Muslim majority community took out a protest rally, they were beaten, thrashed and even threatened. It is shame for rhetoric for upholding the fundamental rights, saying it is unacceptable and quite deplorable.

Appealing people and particularly non-Muslim community and human rightist groups working in India to come in support of victim’s family and help rescue them from this metal agony they are facing said Geelani. We hope that all conscious minded people and intellectuals would like to extend their moral support as they did in Damin’s case so that perpetrators get no escape route and are punished for their heinous crime.

Asifa an innocent and minor girl was killed because she was so helpless and couldn’t resist. Her screams and her tender soul are calling for your help. Though dead is wailing for our dead conscience. Please wake up and listen to her wails, said Geelani, saying she is no different than innocent Damni. Come, join us and let us seek justice for her tender soul, added he.

We register our protest against the criminal silence maintained by ruling elite and against those who for the sake of their stale mindset are backing criminals. We protest against Delhi groomed henchmen, who are spearheading the cause of criminals and added that they should have vouched for the innocent Asifa and her poor family whose agony at the time of the commission of the crime might have shaken the heavens.’’ We seek your help, to save collective future and innocents from these beastly vultures, said Geelani while addressing a press conference.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq while condemning his house arrest to bar him from JRL’s joint presser at Abi Guzar said that nothing can be more evil and shameless than supporting the rapists and murderers of an 8-year-old girl child.

“Nothing can be more evil and shameless than supporting the rapists and murderers of an 8-year-old girl child and then threatening the community to which the child belonged with dire consequence! It reflects the total moral bankruptcy of BJP in supporting the front that is threatening the Gujjars in Kathua and completely exposes its communal and anti-humanity mindset for reaping political dividends!” Mirwaiz wrote on Twitter.

After the JKLF Chief Muhammad Yasin Malik was detained when he along with the party members tried to march towards the city centre, Mirwaiz took to the twitter.

“Strongly denounce the police action against JRL peaceful sit-in protest at Lal Chowk and the arrest of Yasin Sb & other JRL leaders. While those supporting the beasts were allowed to protest under police vigil! People of J&K condemn such shameless duplicity of the authorities!,” Mirwaiz tweeted.


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