#kathua: Protests seeking hanging for Asifa’s rapists, killers



Demanding justice in the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl, an open solidarity forum named ‘Justice for Asifa’, on Tuesday held a protest against the atrocities in filing the charge sheet against the accused and demand death penalty to the culprits.

Protests seeking hanging for Asifa’s rapists.
KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

Social activists, writers, doctors and students, who participated in the demonstration, said this forum would serve as a platform to raise voice for the justice of Asifa and also push for the capital punishment to the culprits.

They said that the Bakerwal and Gujjar community are bravely resisting the daily external assaults, first the Hindu right-wing Manch and now the Jammu Bar association- who reportedly protested and stopped crime branch of Jammu and Kashmir from filing the charge sheet against the accused.

“It is nothing sort of outrageous to witness the lawmakers of the state shielding the accused and his accomplices. We are fearful that the Bar association of Jammu has taken cudgels with the government and is shoring support to help exonerate the dreaded rapists and murderers, they added.

“We reiterate that we will ceaselessly protest to ensure that the administration, police and judiciary work in tandem to make sure that the criminals who mercilessly murdered and raped an innocent child are condemned to death,” they added.

“We demand that the CB of Jammu and Kashmir be allowed to file the charge sheet without hurdles. We promise that we will not rest till the criminals receive a punishment,” they added.

They said that some people are trying to sabotage this case to set there personal political agendas. We will not allow any person who is directly or indirectly involved or associated with any Indian political setup from Kashmir or outside.

“We should remember the rape of Asifa is a planned conspiracy supported by Indian state to change the demography of Jammu,” they said.


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