KCCI expresses concern over new ‘impracticable market roaster’


The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) on Wednesday expressed its concern over the issuance of somewhat impracticable market roaster issued by the Labour Department wherein different working days for different markets have been fixed without taking into consideration.

The spokesman said roaster has therefore been rejected by the entire trading community and particularly by the KCC&I as it is considered to be the anti-trade move by the government given the present economic downturn of the state, particularly in the valley.

They said the government should understand that such market roasters work with metropolitan cities only and not in the trouble-torn cities and towns of Jammu & Kashmir.

The daily working timing of the markets fixed under the roaster is also viewed as motivated, vicious intended to restrict and curb the genuine taxpayer shopkeepers working. Such steps taken by the Government give the impression that the government is hell-bent to destroy the already squeezed business activity in the state particularly in the valley.

The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry demands of the government to withdraw the ill-conceived roaster and the notices issued on the same to the shopkeepers immediately or the business community will be compelled to resort to befitting extreme action.


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