KCSDS demands notification identifying Kashmir floods as a natural disaster

KL Report


Kashmir Centre of Social & Development Studies (KCSDS) Tuesday deplores the mere statements identifying Kashmir floods as a natural disaster, but miserably failing to issue a notification to the same effect.

KCSDS demands that such a notification should be issued as soon as possible.

“Such a notification is necessary to facilitate the hassle free transportation of relief material from global community, who  have a willingness to be a part of relief a nd rehabilitation,” read KCSDS statement.

KCSDS notes with concern the statement of Chief Secretary that it is a disaster of international dimension, yet failing to issue a notification classifying it as a natural calamity that shall facilitate the interests of business establishments.

“The state has also failed in pursuing GOI to promulgate it as a national calamity,” the statement read. “Prime Minister Modi in spite of his statements acknowledging it as a national disaster yet not coming up with a notification to the same effect. We demand that the State Government should not only issue a notification declaring it as a natural calamity but also pursue the case with GOI for promulgating it as a national calamity.”

Modi’s interjection in the US, the statement read, that the world communities lend assistance to each other should be given a practical shape to facilitate international aid and assistance to J & K.

Meanwhile, KCSDS takes some satisfaction in the fact that Government has acknowledged KCSDS’s initial assessment of losses of over One Trillion Rupees.


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