KCSDS expresses outrage over South Kashmir Killings



Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) has expressed extreme disgust and outrage at the south Kashmir carnage of young boys in teens and twenties, the human and moral depravity demonstrated in this carnage and subsequent celebrations conducted across India over this so-called “victory of the forces” KCSDS said in a statement.

In an emergency meeting, KCSDS members accused the state government of being complicit in  the programmes and operations of GOI to suppress resistance in Kashmir by brutalising and killing people particularly the young boys in brazen disregard to human rights and the  the international laws that ensure protection to the life and property of citizens in conflict and disputed zones.

“The new depths of degradation to which the govt has sunk has no parallel in history because these untrained boys who pose as militants are the products of extreme repression, persecution and tyranny to which people have been subjected to in the valley by occupational forces aided and abetted by her government,” the statement reads.

“The responsibility of protecting the life and property of citizens according to international law  in a disputed territory   falls squarely on the govt of the day especially if  that govt claims legitimacy of being put on  the seat of power by those very people whose sons she is murdering and whose homes she is destroying,” KCSDS said in a statement.

“The govt has not only miserably failed in its moral, security and administrative duty but has created fertile ground for young boys to be pushed into militancy. This policy of extreme repression of forcing boys to pick up guns and then to finish them off along with their families, needless to say,  is the colonial project of genocide  as a way of tackling the Kashmir dispute by the present fascist  regime for their vote bank politics back home in mainland India,”KCSDS added.

The statement added that if anyone had a doubt about this genocidal inhuman fascist project, lo and behold how ‘the greatest democracy’ read militarocracy is celebrating the death and destruction of young boys, their families and neighbours as a way of ruling hearts and minds of the people.

“How brutalizing five precious lives of one family and sliting the throat of the Mushtaq Thakur, the person made into human shield amounts to national victory? ask the members.

“They claim victory where they should bow their heads in shame for spilling innocent blood in order to control the territory and ensure unwilling submission. Even a completely morally depraved person feels sorry after killing his enemy. One can only imagine to what abject nadir the state has fallen when it celebrates the killing of its own young citizens for illusory ‘national victory’. A day when they should feel extremely sad as the entire valley is plunged into mourning, we see celebrations of a bloodbath. One is puzzled what kind of nation and victory is it that is build on the blood and tears of the people,” the statement reads.

“It is perversity that has become the new norm learnt from Israel. The rewards are given to informers and members of armed forces not for capturing alive these boys but to produce their body bags speaks volumes of how killing Kashmiris has been made into a double-edged sword- it has been turned into lucrative business for the killers and informers by the Indian state and its puppetry in the valley on the one hand and wiping out a generation of Kashmiris on the other,” KCSDS in a statement said.

“The celebration of the victory of Sunday as a special day for them is the ultimate in dehumanized fascism. The media gag is apparent from the coverage it has given to this bloodshed. The Indian nationalistic media celebration of the killings shows how dehumanised militarized mindsets have become and how futile it is to expect to uphold the cardinal values of freedom, truth and justice from them who are supposed to be the protectors of these human values and rights,” KCSDS added.

“We warn the state govt to end this genocidal policy of the people on whose shoulders they stand or face complete social and political boycott. We reiterate our appeal to all the armed groups to suspend all their actions as they are faced with a force that does not follow or believe in any moral, ethical, political and legal principles that could deter them from spilling blood of repressed people especially youth whom they claim to be their own people,” KCSDS said.

They said that their weapon is the only brute force. We demand from the forces ¬ to lay off from this genocide of youth forthwith and compel their govt to resolve the political issue on the table sooner than later to avert such colossal human brutalities and avoidable sufferings.

“Otherwise they will break down under the burden of their own sins as have many of their colleagues broken already. We warn Mehbooba Mufti, chairperson of Unified Command to resign if she is unable to stop this barbarity. How long would she preside over the death and destruction of ‘her own people’? How long would she keep suppressing and denying her humanity and sensitivity to cling to her devilish chair carrying out the dirty bloody business of BJP-RSS combine? There has to be an immediate end to all this to save a whole generation on whose shoulders you are doing politics,” KCSDS asked.


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