KCSDS to hold ‘Awami Adalat’

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KCSDS has decided to hold an ‘Awami Adalat’ to prove or disprove the allegations, made vis-à-vis the election boycott call given by resistance leaders being motivated by keeping voters away from one mainstream party so that the other mainstream party gets benefited.

The proposed ‘Awami Adalat’ follows a column of Prem Shankar Jha published in a newspaper on May 12, in which JKLF Chairman—Yaseen Malik driven by ‘motivated interests’ stands accused of gross impropriety by propagating boycott selectively in constituencies, supposed to be PDP strongholds.

Subsequently, on May the 13th a statement attributed to Muzzaffar Hussain Beg appeared in some valley based newspapers making similar allegations against resistance leaders and cadres, to pave the way for low turnout, so as to benefit NC.

A statement from KCSDS said, the accusers and the accused should come forward to clear their position so that the myths whatever involved are demystified and public comes to know the truth. The proposed ‘Awami Adalat’ is scheduled to be held in third week of May, and for this purpose invitations would be extended to the parties concerned and to a panel of impartial adjudicators. KCSDS is hopeful that the concerned parties will attend the people’s court in the public interest.

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