Kehwah Group Launches India’s First Luxury Bus Services in Kashmir

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CEO of Kehwah Group, Sheikh Imran

In an effort to promote tourism in Kashmir, Kehwah Group recently launched India’s first high-end luxurious theme based bus services by the name of ‘Onwheels’.

“The inaugural event was a huge success and was extremely well received by visitors,” the group informed in a statement.

Envisioned by the CEO of Kehwah Group, Sheikh Imran, Kehwah Wheels aims to provide the travellers with an opportunity to explore Kashmir while enjoying every bit of luxury and world-class amenities.

“All the buses in the Onwheels fleet are custom made to provide on-the-go services like Caravans, Luxury Buses, Kafé, and Vanity Van,” the statement said.

“The whole initiative has enjoyed full unconditional support of the state government who have to revive Kashmir’s tourism.”

Minister of education Naeem Akhtar who was present at the launch ceremony congratulated the group for their effort and wished them success in the future. Minister for R&B Altaf Bukhari also praised the group.

Onwheels offers four options to the travellers depending on how they wish to explore Kashmir.  For the very serious travellers who want to enjoy the comfort of home even as they soak up the pristine beauty of the picturesque valley, they have the Casa Onwheels featuring chauffeur driven luxury coach complete with double bedroom, recliners, washrooms and pantry space,” the statement said.

The second option is Paradise Onwheels giving tourists a chance to travel in sheer opulence by providing features like reclining seats with massagers, infotainment system, WIFI connectivity and in-house meal and beverage service.

“The third type, Explore Onwheels will provide guided tour services of Srinagar in roofless high deck buses giving the panoramic view of the surroundings. Equipped with onboard informative commentary service the bus will follow fixed route and people can hop on and hop off at desired stops. The group has also introduced mobile restaurant by the name of Kafe Onwheels, which would serve authentic Kashmiri cuisine and other delicacies from around the world,” Kehwah Group said in a statement.

“This concept of theme-based luxury bus services is very unique and perhaps being launched for the first time in India,” said Vipin Tyagi, COO of Onwheels. “This will definitely prove to be a milestone in the travel and tourism industry not only in Kashmir but throughout the country. We will also be making some innovative additions to our line in the form of Wellness Onwheels, Saloon Onwheels and Conference Onwheels etc.”


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