Khanyaar shuts against ‘police highhandedness’

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Police allegedly ransacked a tea stall in Khanyaar area of the city on Thursday, only because nephew of the owner is wanted to police in stone pelting cases resulting in a protest shutdown from Sheeraz chowk.

“Police came and ransacked the tea stall belonged to Mohammad Latif Gada and even beat his customers,” eyewitnesses told Kashmir Life.

Gada said that police personnel were coming to him since a couple of days and asking about his nephew.

“Policemen were asking me about my nephew from so many days, I tried to convince them that they should not ask me about him and instead go his home but today they came and ransacked my shop resulting in huge losses to me,” Latif son of Ghulam Mohammad Gada told Kashmir Life.

The eyewitnesses said that policemen left only after ransacking everything in the shop and beating Gada and the people present around.

Shopkeepers immediately pulled down their shutters and observed a protest strike against what they call “highhandedness of police”.

The relatives of the tea stall also held a sit in on the main road of Khanyaar.

Despite many efforts police officials were not available for the comments. Even police spokesman said that he was unaware about the incident.


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